Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do's and Don'ts

This week has been the usual fun-packed week with useful lessons that are good to have, so I will share them with you in the hopes that you learn from my mistakes. 

Do let your daughter try out makeup and experiment with eyeshadow even if she looks like Mike Tyson afterwards. 
Don't let her take off her eye makeup with nail polish removal pads. 
Do wake her up after you realized what she did to make sure she isn't blind.

Do turn off the doorbell so the baby can take a nap
Don't confuse it with the switch from the heater then shut the damned thing off that, by the way, also supplies your hot water.

Do buy seamless underwear that leave no marks whatsoever under clothes.
Don't wear them insideout and sometimes even backwards at the same time because you can't tell how they go on. 

Do hang up colored lights with white ones
Do go for a walk everyday, even though its cold outside
Don't think you are going to have a toddler who stays in her stroller the whole time even though you put a hot water bottle in with her.
Do make your kid wear funny hats; it really helps you stay calm if they have a dog on their head while  they act like little a-holes.
Do plan to make all kinds of new foods that you have never made before for your guests on Christmas Day.
Do be convinced that everything will be perfect because the Pioneer Woman said so.
Don't be upset when it isn't perfect; after all, it's only family coming over and as long as you don't kill them, it's considered a success.

Don't expect traditions to continue even though your dad is gone.
Do be really happy when they do!
                                                                 Thanks Oma Vicki
Do make fun of your kid when he takes pictures like this.
Do post them on your blog so everybody can see how funny he is. 
Do also post awesome pictures of him
Do take medical advice from your sister.
Don't feel bad when she tells you why it itches.

Do have only one more egg in the house and decide to make Brownies with it.
Don't eat the brownies.

Do tell everyone that December will be packed with all kinds of interesting things to blog about.
Don't get upset when, instead, you don't write at all.
Do let yourself be sad.
Don't eat your feelings.
Don't sweat the small stuff. 
Do laugh at yourself as much as possible; everybody else is.
Don't take that last one seriously.


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Sandy said...

I love it, all the wise information you gave! Keep up the fun and heartfelt blogs!

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