Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

What started out rough and tiring ended with a hospital visit, and I'm still tired. What is it with kids choosing the holidays to get sick? Do they sit around and plot about how they will get sick when their parents have a ton of stuff to do (or in Daddy's case, are hung over!) and that they will use exactly that opportunity to be really cuddly and clingy?  Someone had too much Christmas cheer in our house Christmas Eve; a contributing factor could be the three sleepless nights that came before; I will always have the memory of him sitting down on the floor with Mia and her Hello Kitty teacups, right after he announced he was going to throw up. Aaahh, the memories just warm my heart. So, back to the festivities in our house; they were pretty relaxed and uneventful as, in every year, the kids lit a candle at church for all of the loved ones who have passed away; this was the first time we lit one for my dad. I cried whenever I had to pass the church these last few weeks because I knew that we were going to light one for him. I like to think that maybe he saw it and knows we are thinking about him always.
Afterwards, we opened presents and this year The Hubs and I decided not to give ourselves anything . . . . I didn't care for it at all.

Unfortunately, the day after Christmas, which is still a holiday in Germany, was spent in the hospital with Mia because she has had a fever for almost 4 days now.  We realized it was not going away so we went to the emergency room and spent almost 4 hours trying to get a toddler to pee so they could rule out a bladder infection.
Getting a toddler to pee when you want her to is like winning the lottery -- its effing impossible! We did everything: running water, tickling, poking her stomach, the pee pee dance... nothing worked so they finally had to lay a catheter. The good news is that it is not a bladder infection but the bad news is that she has an infection that is highly contagious and we are probably all going to get it.  Merry Christmas!!
If you were at my house anytime in the last 4 days, I apologize in advance if you get sick.  It's not my fault; blame it on Santa!
I am getting ready to write down my New Year's resolutions and I will post my plans and Do's and Don'ts for New Years.

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