Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 is gonna be my bitch

I said it! I am gonna own this year like none other before.
I am going to fulfill my wishes and stick with my goals, and if I only accomplish half of what I set out to do then I will own that too.
I already cut out 90% of the stuff that eats up my time so there is nothing standing in my way to  creating something, anything, even if it's a macaroni necklace dammit!
2013 was, with one huge exception, a fairly decent year; it had its usual ups and downs and minor annoyances that are everyday stuff, but all in all pretty awesome.

Oma and Opa came to visit

I got to visit my sister and family

My kids are healthy and fairly well adjusted; they are a little weird but I blame that on their fathers. That's right... I said it!  In this house everyone gets their own Dad; ain't nobody got time for sharing. 
I got my house in decent shape, even organizing my Christmas stuff, which has always been a little pain in my ass.
I managed to go on almost all my girls nights this year, which really helped me stay sane a lot of times. We have big plans for next year, and I am as excited as the headless hunter on Halloween.
I'm still married.  Lucky him -- I am a real catch.

I went on 3 vacations this year.

I finished my project this year of 31 Days of going outside even though I disliked it immensely; I still count it as a positive thing because, without it, my list is too short.

I finally tackled my terrace, which has been ugly since we moved in; now it's still ugly but a decent ugly.

After two years, I finally got all my credit cards, passport, social security card changed to my married name.  At least I took a decent passport picture even if it made my head look huge.

So my resolutions for the New Year are few but definitely doable:
1) Craft and sew more
2) Learn something new (like parallel parking)
3) Stop holding my farts in. I'm married for God's sake; I blame it on my brother.
4) Travel to at least 2 countries
5) Quit talking bad about myself 
6) Try to be nicer to strangers and maybe people who know me.
7) Take better care of myself
8) Get a Llama
9) Paint my living room
10) Drink more wine

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