Friday, November 29, 2013

The Day before the Hunger Games

Since I haven't had a Thanksgiving in 10 years or longer, I forgot how busy and hectic it can be and how nuts everyone gets when they think they might not have everything they need.. How can you sell out of pie pumpkins? Who the hell takes the time to cut that fat-ass thing up? 
After running for my life across the parking lot, I felt right at home with the other crazies who were pushing carts full of food, flowers, and beer.
We started out our day going to breakfast in this little hole-in-the-wall with great breakfast food. We don't have anything like this in Germany so I have to take advantage when I get the chance.
Later on that day after looking at 5000 Christmas ornaments, we went to watch Jolie ride her favorite horse Charlie. Charliehorse!!! Get it?
That kids legs are as long as Charlie's and just as skinny.

In the evening we watched mean tweets and hashtag videos on youtube and baked cookies, which was interesting, because Dan ate our hazelnuts and we didn't have enough for the cookies so they looked like little piles of poop. It is called improvised baking and we were masters last night.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we will be as busy as a one-armed paper hanger.
Talk to you tomorry . . .

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