Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In the Land of Round Doorknobs

My flight to the states was very uneventful which is always a good thing because the alternative is usually enough to push me over the edge and ain't nobody got time for that. I watched a ton of movies and listened to music until the weird dinner came and then just thought about what I would do once I got to the states.  
Arriving in Dallas was as chaotic as I remember it being and surprisingly, crappy weather-wise with very cloudy skies; what I didn't know was that Dallas had cancelled loads of flights because of bad weather but as you can see there was no snow anywhere.
I had my times all mixed up so instead of a an additional 2 hour flight it was only a 1 hour flight to NM filled with the pilot's fun facts about Thanksgiving, including that the Israelis eat the most turkey. Everyone is a comedian but Captain Willy was kind of funny so I was entertained.
The next morning we started out with pedicures, which was hilarious because every time I go somewhere with my sister it ends up being a total adventure.
Not only did I get fabulous nails but I also ripped out the coat rack and flipped my styrofoam flips flops over and almost fell in the store. I didn't realize that I would have to wear these ridiculous shoes because the nice little Asian lady didn't want me to put on my socks. Of course that went well. Have I mentioned that I already fell out of the truck getting in? I am a danger to myself and if you are too close to me also to others.

 I went outside like this. If the Germans could see me now they would have a kannipschen.
After shopping, shopping and eating we had to take Winnie the Diva Dog to the vet to have her ears checked ,which she did not take kindly to.
After the kids came home from school we hung around the house a little bit and then went to have hamburgers at a place called Fve Guys. At first I was confused because I don't usually like places where I have to get my own food (shut up I am spoiled!) but these burgers and fries were really good.

These kids are killing me......they are just like their Auntie. I laugh just watching them being silly and looking at Jolie is like looking in a mirror.

This poor kid had to look at nail polish with me but he did it and was very helpful; I have never seen him in a bad mood.
Joshua made me promise him that I would go to Walmart so I made Sam take a picture of us there, which is funny because the only thing that you can see is the Walmart logo.

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