Friday, November 22, 2013

Going to America

In a couple of days I am leaving for "Merica" to visit my sister and I am not ready! I have a really long list of stuff to do so the first thing I did was nothing. I did absolutely nothing that I needed to do except  laundry and now I have to do everything tomorrow. I like to feel the slight tickle of panic when it is of my own doing, and not because the consulate waited to send my passport and it didn't get here till today. That was not fun, but the self inflicted stuff is fun. This is the first time that I am visiting my sister since Joshua was 3 years old because whenever I did get a chance to go to the states, I would always visit my dad.

I am looking forward to the flight where I can hopefully catch up on my movies and magazines and buy touristy stuff at the airport, even though it is a long-ass flight.  I am looking forward to being alone among 300 strangers; at least they don't want to go pee with me.

I don't want to complain about my kids because I do love them like crazy, but this week I had to wash peed on bedclothes 3 times and I am over that shit let me tell you.  Mia figured out how to take off all her clothes, including her diaper.

I am looking forward to not having the discussions everyday about whether or not Enya cleaned out her bookbag and got the food out of it, or whether or not she wrote down her homework and plans on doing it without me sitting next to her for 2 hours, which, FYI, she doesn't.
I guess the newness of being in middle school wore off and she thinks "*uck it", and I was hoping she would turn it all around but then again this comes from the kid who replies to an "I love you" with "thank you".

If this sounds like I am happy to leave my mom duties behind me for the first time in two years, then you would be right? I am!
I think everyone around here is ready for Mom to get away for a week, even if they don't realize it quite yet.  They will happy when they see me in a better mood after a kids-free week.
I will start writing about my trip on Tuesday because Monday will be spent traveling and I won't have wifi so I have to wait till I am in New Mexico.
Catch ya later,


Sandy said...

Is Mia playing cards on the potty? Hahahaha, that is so darned funny! I can't wait for you to get here; we'll stay awake for 7 days, straight! I have so much planned. . . . . .oh my gosh, we'll probably just end up in our jammies the whole time!

Sandy said...

Oh, and in case you get home sick, I'll go potty with you!

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