Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6

So, its day 6 of this experiment and I have been good about putting on makeup everyday and going out, but I am not loving it at all. For one thing, it isn't cheap when you have to go out everyday and do something, even when you don't go shopping; the gas alone that I have to get is way more now. I don't mind that I am out and about more, but I do have to think about what I am going to do ahead of time and on which  day. Today was different though; it was Sunday and Christopher does not work on Sundays. its the only day he doesn't work It has been raining for a few days now but when I checked the weather app it said that it wouldn't rain from 1-4, so we decided to go to the carnival during those times and it even stayed dry longer than that. I don't like to ride rides and I don't really play any games either but the one thing that I absolutely love about the carnival is the food. I go there just to eat and today I did just that, even though now I feel like I will never eat again.  I am still happy about my culinary extravaganza of fried food and chocolate covered strawberries.

This was Mia's first carnival and she had an absolute blast!  With all the lights, music and room to run around I didn't think she would ever want to come back home but after almost three hours, she was ready to come home and take off her shoes.

The horse balloon was her favorite, even if is really overweight and only has two legs... she loves it. 
She didn't care too much for the carousel because the guy running it honked the horn really loud, which freaked her out, but she did like to watch it from far away.

She really enjoyed that little wheel thing, but, like a drunk person, she kept running into people.

This was a fun activity for a Sunday and I am glad that I got dressed for this but I still have no idea what to do tomorrow.

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