Sunday, October 27, 2013

25 & 26 & 27

Friday was really nice weather so I spent it outside in my itty bitty yard that I have been neglecting for a couple of years now. I used to plant tomatoes and have grass now I don't plant anything and have weeds instead of grass. I cut back the roses and my lilac tree and cleaned up the leaves in the mean time Mia fell down the stairs backwards and emptied out a whole bottle of bubbles on her shoes.
As you can see I have a deflated kiddie pool hanging in the yard which is very hillbilly like but you can't hide your roots for long.
Total outside time: 1 1/2

Saturday I went to the playground with Mia and later that night I went to the Mannheim Octoberfest with my friends and even though I did not want to go at all it was really fun and I am definitely going again next year and I will even buy a dirndl.
My hand actually hurt from holding up that big ole beer. 

Total outside time: 4 Hours

Sunday was a very laid back day because Christopher had to work all weekend and It was kind of ashy out today but I did take Mia out for a little bit with her bobby car that she can finally ride by herself, of course that didn't stop her from letting me carry it. 
The rest of the day I did housework included with cleaning out Enyas closet.
Total outside time: 1 hour

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