Sunday, October 27, 2013

25 & 26 & 27

Friday was really nice weather so I spent it outside in my itty bitty yard that I have been neglecting for a couple of years now. I used to plant tomatoes and have grass now I don't plant anything and have weeds instead of grass. I cut back the roses and my lilac tree and cleaned up the leaves in the mean time Mia fell down the stairs backwards and emptied out a whole bottle of bubbles on her shoes.
As you can see I have a deflated kiddie pool hanging in the yard which is very hillbilly like but you can't hide your roots for long.
Total outside time: 1 1/2

Saturday I went to the playground with Mia and later that night I went to the Mannheim Octoberfest with my friends and even though I did not want to go at all it was really fun and I am definitely going again next year and I will even buy a dirndl.
My hand actually hurt from holding up that big ole beer. 

Total outside time: 4 Hours

Sunday was a very laid back day because Christopher had to work all weekend and It was kind of ashy out today but I did take Mia out for a little bit with her bobby car that she can finally ride by herself, of course that didn't stop her from letting me carry it. 
The rest of the day I did housework included with cleaning out Enyas closet.
Total outside time: 1 hour

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Days 22 & 23 & 24

The last 3 days have been busy but not exciting, so I didn't have anything to write about. Tuesday, I met up with someone who is going to help me figure out what to do once I go back to work; it was fun to make plans for the future. Wednesday, we had our weekly girls night, which was fun as always.
This is hanging in the ladies' bathroom of Salida del Sol which is worth a visit.

Joshua has been doing new tricks and having a blast.
Today I was busy planting flowers and cooking a big lunch because I was in the mood for comfort food; the last couple of days have been a little difficult for me, but I am trying not to be a total lush.
Tomorrow is a new day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 21

It's day 21 and I didn't do jack shit today except for laundry and raking a couple of leaves outside. I cooked dinner, too but other than that, I watchted tv and played hidden object games all day. I know I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not. I don't care that I stayed in my sweat pants all day. I put on deoderant and I brushed my teeth and hair and I even put on clean underwear in case I got in an accident on the way to the mailbox, but that is it!
Mia was not home; she spent the day with her grandparents so I didn't have to feel bad about her not getting any fresh air, even though I stayed out of daylight like a vampire.
I did notice that, because I didn't have anything to do, I didn't have any energy to even sew or read a book, which is something I have been complaining about for a while--that I miss my sewing machine. 
When I used to work outside the home, it was a treat to be home all day, but I have been home for several years now and it is starting to make me stir crazy; I really, really need a job, like yesterday.
I have noticed several other things since I started this little project.
1) Everybody is a damned critic. At first I posted on Facebook whenver I had a new post up but after people started saying stuff like, "I guess your project is going too well since you stayed hime twice, huh." I quit putting it up on facebook. I don't mind critics or even suggestions but if you're going to be bitchy, then shut your face.
2)Writing the same thing over and over is boring; I am so ready to write about something else even if it is about a recipe or a new place. I am even boring myself so I know anybody reading this is ready for October to be over.
3) I have been blogging for 3 years now and I don't have but 14 followers, which is ok; I don't mind but I do get about 100 hits a day and nobody leaves a comment, which is kind of rude if you ask me. I mean, seriously how hard is it to leave a comment? Even if you think I am stupid and my challenge is stupid and you are stupid, you could still tell me. 
4) I shouldn't write when its my time of the month because all I do is bitch and moan.

Total outside time: 15 minutes

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 20

Today we had a plan to go to a park that I have been wanting to visit for a long time.  So we went to bed early and I even got everybody ready by 10am just to walk outside and have it rain like crazy. It was so wet that we decided not to go even though we were a group of 18 people.  We decided to go the Luisenpark instead because they have a big room where you can play boardgames and wait out the rain. It didn't stop raining so we spent most of the time indoors, but the kids had fun and that was the most important thing.


This little 10 minute nap is all she took today and she is still going strong at 6:30 in the evening.
Total outside time: 4 1/2 hours

Day 19

Today I spent most of the day playing catch-up at home with laundry and cleaning, and I even went to the grocery store at 8am so I wouldnt have to take Mia;  I was really glad that I took care of that first thing.  Later that day, Christopher took Mia for a bike ride and at 6pm we were invited to have pizza at a good friend's house, who only comes home every two months from Prischtyna, Kosovo where he works as a Policeman. So much for my diet.


Every time I go to their house, I want to move in; it's so beautifully decorated and every piece is carefully chosen and don't even get me started on the yard. Total outside time: 3 hours  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 18

Today, my mom took Mia for a couple of hours and I went to lunch with my husband, which was great and long overdue.
We don't get to spend very much time together alone so this was a real treat.  I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take pictures.
In case you are wondering what the hell I took a picture of, just look in the window and you will see. 

This is downtown Mannheim; there's a person wearing white pants after September.

Total outside time: 6 hours

Day 17

I didn't go out much today except to the store because Enya had a dinner party, and I had a lot to do. Enya set the table and helped me cook, too, and of course she served everything.  Enya loves to entertain and I think it's hilarious that she wanted to have a dinner party rather than go to the movies.

Total outside time: 1 hour

Day 16

Yeah, I dropped the ball a little bit the last two days with not posting, but I have been busy and to be honest this project is boring me a little; I feel like all I do is post pictures of the same thing. Anyway, on Wedsday I went to the playground with Mia & Enya. This is the walk to the playground, which is really beautiful.



As you can see, no make-up. 
That evening I went to a cooking class which was fantastic, and I left stuffed to the gills

Total outside time: 7 hours

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 15 Total

Fall in Germany is cold, wet and grey but it does make for great sleeping weather; see, there is a silver lining everywhere. I went for a walk yesterday with the kids to buy potatoes from the farmer and took a long detour, so I fulfilled my challenge and bought some potatoes. I thought getting some fresh air would help Mia sleep but it didn't.  She was awake from 3-5:30am which is not anybody's time to be up at my age. Being up in the middle of the night makes me hungry.

 Total outside time: 1 hour