Friday, September 20, 2013

Hallway Disaster

Don't you just love projects that come together really easy and exactly like you wanted it to? Yeah me neither. This was a typical example of wanting to do something quick and everything going to shit while at it. I decided that I would hang the lamp myself because i had never done it and I wanted to learn but thankfully for me my neighbor decided to do it and saved me from a probable house fire. I have been wanting to hang this picture up for a while and this spot was perfect for it just not in white so I still had some dark grey left from the bathroom and just slapped that on. of course without taping anything off first so I spent some time cleaning up afterwards.\

 As you can see with every project  that I do I have Helpy Helperton right in the middle of everything making a mess but she is going to be a big Diy if I have any say in it.
I bought this little lamp a couple of weeks ago and I have been driving it around for a couple of weeks now and finally hung it up yesterday but that is what short circuited and blew the fuses in the kitchen and hallway, after that I had to restart the T.V, Microwave and refrigerator about 5 times and almost eltrocuted my neighbor. 
We found out afterwards that we do not have a switch to turn the light on so I have to screw the lightbulb in and out till the electrician gets here on monday. 
I had to hang 106 little dangly crystals that I dropped about 20 times off the top of the ladder.

 The picture is from our friend Thommy Mardo who has so many pictures I would love to buy, I have always liked the pictures of different doors so when he had taken a picture of Doors in Mannheim I had to have it and I love it.

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