Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grandpa & Grandma came to town

A couple of weeks ago Grandma Beloli and Grandpa Thom came to visit us in crazytown and it was a really nice visit with lots of shopping and good food.

 Poor Opa Thom had to sit in so many cafe's while we ran from store to store but we had fun and finally met my shopping stamina match in Beverly.

Oma couldnt believe how big her Joshua got but he has gotten as big as his grandma. 

Joshua & Opa
We were all sad when they left and hope that the next visit doesn't take that long between visits.
Oma and Opa made Joshua the best Birthday present ever and I promised to take pictures of the man cave. 

Of course having a tv in his room means I see him even less now but he is happy so I'm happy

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