Thursday, August 1, 2013


Gruess Gott!!! So Christopher had to have the car fixed today which meant driving two towns over and having some yahoo probably screw him over without giving him flowers first. The best part of that whole ordeal was that he had to take a taxi back because the dumbasses couldn't find the key to the rental car. After finally making it back we headed out to the field where the Zorbing was. I never thought I would say this but it looked really fun and I think I will do it after all I just  don't know when.
Flachau 2 003Flachau 2 001 Flachau 2 002

The rest of the day was spent riding 7km on a too small bike to get the Mothership from the garage and getting sun burnt in the process. Poor Christopher has a touch of red in his hair and it gets him every time.  It is warming up and I don't know if its the different climate or what but it is getting hot.
Flachau 2 010 Flachau 2 006  Flachau 2 008 Flachau 2 009
The kids swam in the pool here that is small and freezing but nice nonetheless and the kids had fun that is all that matters.
Flachau 2 025 Flachau 2 027 Flachau 2 012 Flachau 2 021
After dinner we went for a walk where Joshua was so embarrassed by his parents that he just went back to the hotel and we lost Enya in the crowd. Good job Mom. Teenagers are dorks.
Flachau 2
Mia thought the cotton candy was ticklish so she wouldn't eat it.

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