Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mozart has left the Building

How is that for a dorky title? I swear, I am losing my mind on this vacation; it is hot here, and in downtown Salzburg, there are about 50.000 Asians taking pictures and 30.000 Americans with annoying tour groups . . . and guess whose dumbass idea it was to go there today? Mine!! Anyway, I have a crap load of pictures, so here you go.
Flachau 4 019 Flachau 4 012 Flachau 4 014 Flachau 4 017 Flachau 4 018
Enya took this picture, and I love how she totally ignored the guy standing on top but did manage to get the stranger walking by.  She also took a picture of a pigeon, but I deleted that.
 Flachau 4 015 Flachau 4 016
Joshua was so excited to find this store and also to find out that there was a Red Bull Museum with really cool stuff in it about 10 minutes away! The museum even had the pod that the crazy Austrian jumped from into space.
Flachau 4 020
Flachau 4 021 Flachau 4 022 Flachau 4 023
Flachau 4 024
I know he doesn't look excited, but he was! It was really hot in there and there are no air conditioners.

Flachau 4 046 Flachau 4 025 Flachau 4 026 Flachau 4 027 Flachau 4 028 Flachau 4 029  Flachau 4 031 Flachau 4 033 Flachau 4 036 Flachau 4 037 Flachau 4 038 Flachau 4 039 Flachau 4 042 Flachau 4 045
After walking around in the heat, we went back to the place we stayed last year and had lunch and then went for a walk by the water and waded in it.  It was so cold but felt really good.  Christopher had the idea that if it's this hot again tomorrow, we are going up on the mountain where it's cold. I think that is a good idea; I wouldn't mind freezing my ass off for a day.

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