Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday Girl and gone swimming

It seems that every year we are on vacation it falls on enyas birthday and this year was the same. She told us yesterday that we should sneak in to her room and wake her up so that is what we did.
She loved her present and couldn't wait to try it out but first we went swimming at the nicest lake I have ever been to.
 Flachau 3 008
Flachau 3 010
Flachau 3 029 Flachau 3 014 Flachau 3 015 Flachau 3 016 Flachau 3 018 Flachau 3 021 Flachau 3 024 Flachau 3 027 Flachau 3 012 Flachau 3 011 Flachau 3 028
After yours truly getting burnt again we headed home and got ready for dinner and Birthday cake.
 Flachau 3 032 Flachau 3 033
Flachau 3 035
After gorging ourselves on cake Enya took her scooter out for a ride
Flachau 3 036
The reason the picture is so blurry is because she kept speeding by me and I couldn't get a decent picture.
Tomorrow we will be downtown in Salzburg, 

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