Sunday, August 4, 2013

24hrs of poop

What do you get when you have an over-tired, constipated toddler and a sick husband? A recipe for 'effing' disaster.
We had planned to go swimming yesterday and take it easy, but the night before was rough because Mia once again decided that sleeping was for losers.  So, we were both already exhausted and then it just got worse as the day went on. Christopher woke up to the mother of all heatstrokes that left him paralyzed and, of course, totally worthless.  I had to nurse him with medication that I went and picked up for him at the pharmacy that was 3 miles away -- I didn’t realize how far it was until I was halfway, walking in my flip flops, so by then it was too late to turn around.
Fast forward to that night when Mia decided not to sleep from 1a.m. to 5a.m., and I ended up pushing her by myself in her stroller down the deserted streets to get her to go to sleep only to have her talk the whole way and be totally happy the whole time. The few people I saw probably thought I was out partying with my kid all night and was just heading home. NOT!!!! I finally gave up after having her screeching every half hour, and I let her walk around in her rain galoshes and she finally pooped.
The next day we decided to take it easy by the pool and to relax because. . . .  Thank you, baby Buddha -- my in-laws got here and helped us with Mia, who then took it upon herself to shit her way through a pack of little swimmers. At least she isn't constipated anymore, but I have seen enough poop to last me a couple of weeks, let me tell you.
After we got comfortable by the pool, it looked like a bunch of gypsies came to town the way we spread out all our crap, but I did not move all day except to get in and out of the pool.
Flachau 6 002 Flachau 6 005
Flachau 6 006
 Flachau 6 001
After a long day of doing absolutely nothing, the apocalypse kicked off with hail and basically the sky went from blue to pewter in a matter of minutes.
Flachau 6 010 Flachau 6 007 Flachau 6 008
But, if my child decides to sleep tonight it will make for awesome sleeping weather.

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