Monday, July 1, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken dinner

A couple of months ago Enya told me about a project that they were doing in school, where they had to draw a map of the town they live in, showing all the things that would be interesting for kids:  playgrounds, places to go, and what to do while here. I didn't pay much attention, and whenever she told me she was going to her friend's to work on it, I always figured they were just playing. But last week she told me that her class was in the top 7 and I finally paid attention. This morning at 10:30 was the award ceremony -- on a sunday morning -- but we knew we had to go so we dragged our butts out of bed and headed to the park.



As we sat there and listened to the other winners being called, Enya turned around to me and said, "Either we get first place or nothing!"  And holy shit -- out of tons of classes in Germany, Enya's class won!!!  I couldn't believe it; Enya's class won 500Euros that they get to spend on themselves.  (This is the last week of elementary school; she is heading to middle school.)


I gotta say, I am really proud of her for seeing it through. She was so tickled about winning, I really hope this will get her motivated to try harder in other things now that she knows that hard work pays off. 


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