Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome to Party central

After driving for 6 hours in the rain and having the car make a sqeaky noise the whole way we finally arrived in Flachau, Austria and were really surprised at how busy it is. For families, it is awesome here with so much to do and see and everything is within walking distance. The downside is that it has nothing to do with a little hotel in the middle of nowhere, where the only things you hear are the birds and the bees.
Flachau 1 031
It is one hotel after another and they are really close together with lots of restaurants in between, very touristy. It must be great in the winter because this is the place to be if you ski.
Flachau 1 003 Flachau 1 001 Flachau 1 002
The rooms are very nice. The only thing I miss is a fridge so our drinks stay cool but that is no big thing.
There is an outdoor pool and a big trampoline so the kids are happy; Mia is having a blast jumping around. But, of course, as always, she didn't sleep well the first night so we didn't sleep well either -- this morning was rough.
Breakfast was nice and dinner last night was alright, nothing to blog about, but I do have one serious issue with our server; that dude is so rude I want to slap him asleep. 
This morning we decided to go for a walk and scope out the area, and we found the greatest playground! It was so nice that we went back again in the afternoon.
  Flachau 1 005  Flachau 1 026
Flachau 1 030
Flachau 1 033  Flachau 1 035  Flachau 1 036  Flachau 1 039 Mia
Flachau 1 012
Tomorrow, Joshua will be doing his zorbing ride and we might go swimming if the weather is warm enough; if not, I am sure we will find something to do.

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Make sure you take a picture of Joshua the second he steps out of his "zorb"!

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