Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flachau Austria

Hello Hell, this is Julia, Let me start off by saying that it is really fricken hot here right now and if sweating made you lose weight I would finally look like I want to. Of course, that would only happen in the fantasy place where you could also take the fat from your ass and stomach and push it in your bra.
I have been running around and cleaning, washing clothes and packing for my vacation that starts tomorrow and will be extraordinary because I said so. I try to be really positive but sometimes always my personality comes through and I feel mean and negative, but I am going to Austria thinking that anyplace is better than sitting at home.
It's vacation!! I am getting away for 10 whole days where I don't have to cook or clean and I can hang out with the family all day and have fun.
I can go swimming in a mountain lake and get hypothermia because it's actually melted snow coming down and you would be stupid to put anything but your feet in that water.
There are a lot of activites there that we can do like rafting, hiking, zorbing (which I won't do)
because that would be a big mess to clean up afterwards. 
Of course, this is all fun except for the fact that I like to do nothing but sleep and eat while I am on vacation, not that anybody cares, especially Mia who wants to be entertained 24/7.
I guess now is the time to enjoy all that outdoorsy stuff, while I am young and limber: shut up I know what you are thinking so when I am older and brittle I can take it easy on vacation and just drink fruity drinks and have Juan the pool slut fan me with a palm leaf.
10 days of good food, sunny skies, cold as hell water and very friendly people -- I guess I could do worse. 

I will keep you updated about my adventures and fun in Austria, in case you worried I wouldn't let you be a part of this vacation extravaganza.

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