Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 awesome and not so much

My list of favorites and crappy things that have happened the last few weeks

1.) My washing machine broke because I washed a mattress cover that weighed about 3000 pounds once it got wet, and it threw my washer out of wack. The good thing was I got a new washer that is bigger so I don't have to wash 2 little loads; I can wash 1 big one -- and, it is faster. Of course, I didn't read the directions right so I put the detergent in the wrong compartment for the first 5 loads.

2.) I rented silverlinings playbook a month ago and finally managed to watch it 2 days before the rental expired and I liked it a lot. I thought Christopher would leave the room in the beginning because it is really hectic, but he stayed and said that is how he is in our house sometimes. I really liked all the acting and as much as I love Jennifer Lawerence I didn't think it was oscar worthy.

3.) I let Mia color on a huge piece of paper and instead, she drew on my white microfiber couch with a black crayon. The couch did come clean thank goodness with alocohol and a scrub brush.

4.) The husband has decided that vacation in the fall is too far off; unfortunately, there is no where in hell we are getting anything booked because everyone and their brother is going away in the summer. Germans are like lemmings and so am I.

5.) Today is the first day of Summer vacation and we are having fantastic weather; I already have the baby pool set up on the terrace for Mia and am hoping to get a little tan -- of course, a healthy tan without any burning or skin cancer.

6.) Found some new music that is really good; it's a mixture between folk and country with grown up lyrics. His songs make me want to drive on the open road with the top down on the car and, of course, if you read my other post..... flip people off.
I would love to listen to this album with some great headphones.

7.) Kids got their report card back and it was pretty good -- not great but good.

8.) Every year I get eaten alive by mosquitos and every year my husband makes fun of me but this year they are tearing his ass up and  I love it!  So now it is not just me jumping on the bed at 3 am killing bugs.

9.) Mia is starting to get really crabby and opinonated so that is a pain, but she is also talking a little which is hilarious; she calls everything that is cute to her is a baby ........ even her dad.

10.) Our taxes came back and we are pretty much even. Dammit I was hoping for a big chunk to blow on dumb stuff but I am grateful that we don't have to pay.

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