Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome to Party central

After driving for 6 hours in the rain and having the car make a sqeaky noise the whole way we finally arrived in Flachau, Austria and were really surprised at how busy it is. For families, it is awesome here with so much to do and see and everything is within walking distance. The downside is that it has nothing to do with a little hotel in the middle of nowhere, where the only things you hear are the birds and the bees.
Flachau 1 031
It is one hotel after another and they are really close together with lots of restaurants in between, very touristy. It must be great in the winter because this is the place to be if you ski.
Flachau 1 003 Flachau 1 001 Flachau 1 002
The rooms are very nice. The only thing I miss is a fridge so our drinks stay cool but that is no big thing.
There is an outdoor pool and a big trampoline so the kids are happy; Mia is having a blast jumping around. But, of course, as always, she didn't sleep well the first night so we didn't sleep well either -- this morning was rough.
Breakfast was nice and dinner last night was alright, nothing to blog about, but I do have one serious issue with our server; that dude is so rude I want to slap him asleep. 
This morning we decided to go for a walk and scope out the area, and we found the greatest playground! It was so nice that we went back again in the afternoon.
  Flachau 1 005  Flachau 1 026
Flachau 1 030
Flachau 1 033  Flachau 1 035  Flachau 1 036  Flachau 1 039 Mia
Flachau 1 012
Tomorrow, Joshua will be doing his zorbing ride and we might go swimming if the weather is warm enough; if not, I am sure we will find something to do.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flachau Austria

Hello Hell, this is Julia, Let me start off by saying that it is really fricken hot here right now and if sweating made you lose weight I would finally look like I want to. Of course, that would only happen in the fantasy place where you could also take the fat from your ass and stomach and push it in your bra.
I have been running around and cleaning, washing clothes and packing for my vacation that starts tomorrow and will be extraordinary because I said so. I try to be really positive but sometimes always my personality comes through and I feel mean and negative, but I am going to Austria thinking that anyplace is better than sitting at home.
It's vacation!! I am getting away for 10 whole days where I don't have to cook or clean and I can hang out with the family all day and have fun.
I can go swimming in a mountain lake and get hypothermia because it's actually melted snow coming down and you would be stupid to put anything but your feet in that water.
There are a lot of activites there that we can do like rafting, hiking, zorbing (which I won't do)
because that would be a big mess to clean up afterwards. 
Of course, this is all fun except for the fact that I like to do nothing but sleep and eat while I am on vacation, not that anybody cares, especially Mia who wants to be entertained 24/7.
I guess now is the time to enjoy all that outdoorsy stuff, while I am young and limber: shut up I know what you are thinking so when I am older and brittle I can take it easy on vacation and just drink fruity drinks and have Juan the pool slut fan me with a palm leaf.
10 days of good food, sunny skies, cold as hell water and very friendly people -- I guess I could do worse. 

I will keep you updated about my adventures and fun in Austria, in case you worried I wouldn't let you be a part of this vacation extravaganza.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Busy times

Things have been busy around here, like always, but it has been a fun kind of stress.  I always feel better when I am really busy.
I finally went to the public pool with Mia and she had a blast, so since then I have been everyday.

 I finally got a bike that is perfect, including the gel-filled seat cover so my twyla doesn't shrivel up and die.

I had my second wedding anniversary, which was low key and rosy.

My mom has been on vacation for the last 3 weeks and is finally coming home this week; I am excited!

I cleaned up the garage and sorted through my christmas decorations, which was weird because it was really hot outside and I was sweating like a whore in church.
It was bad, but after about 5 hours I was done and happy with the outcome.
Now, I am getting ready to wash clothes and pack for vacation.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am a Road Raging A-hole

I don't know what it is but driving in the car brings out the absolute worst side of me. I turn into a raging psycho as soon as I get behind the wheel and everyone else can't drive worth a shit. My kids used to get really embarrassed by it but now they just accept it and keep quiet if they know what is good for them.
I don't know what it is, but just people not following stupid rules that apply to all of us gets my fricken goat. Just today, as I was loading my groceries parked in the mother/child parking spot, some old bastard decided to park next to me and at first I looked in his car to see if maybe he had his grandchild with him which would explain why he parked there, but he just got out got his bag and went into the store. I just stood there and didn't know what to say; he was so rude that I was at a loss for words. Why do you insist on disobeying the rules?  And why do I feel the need to point it out, like Miss Know-it-all, that he is doing something wrong? I do that with everything.

-wrong parking
-driving too fast in the school and play zone
-jumping in on the side of the pool
-walking down the wrong side of the escalator
-going through an orange light
-not standing in line but pushing yourself in on the side
-not letting people in on the freeway even though it says to let every other driver in
-driving slow in the passing lane
-bikes riding next to each other on the street so you can't pass them
-not stopping at a crosswalk

If I could make citizens arrests then I would and everyone on the street would be in jail except for me because I do everything right and everybody else is a blow hole.
I read an article once where it was explained why people turn into crazy people once they get behind the wheel. The reason for it is that there are all kinds of personalities crashing into each other and no way to communicate except with hand gestures or diverse other rude things. I go for the yelling out the car window or my favorite is honking my horn when you least expect it. I, of course, have the worst sounding horn ever -- it imitates the Love Boat coming into port. That thing is so bad but it matches the rest of my POS.
You might get the impression that I am a danger to myself and others on the street but it is quite the contrary. I am really careful while driving even going as far as sitting up so close to the steering wheel that, should the airbag ever come out, I would look like elephant man getting slammed in the face at 200 km an hour. 
All of these things, of course, apply to me being a passenger which makes me the worst backseat, shotgun passenger ever.
I also speed to a red light, floor it at a green light and ride your ass like a Tijuana hooker. I think all women drive like that though so I don't feel special and it does get me to where I need to be at the speed of light. 


10 awesome and not so much

My list of favorites and crappy things that have happened the last few weeks

1.) My washing machine broke because I washed a mattress cover that weighed about 3000 pounds once it got wet, and it threw my washer out of wack. The good thing was I got a new washer that is bigger so I don't have to wash 2 little loads; I can wash 1 big one -- and, it is faster. Of course, I didn't read the directions right so I put the detergent in the wrong compartment for the first 5 loads.

2.) I rented silverlinings playbook a month ago and finally managed to watch it 2 days before the rental expired and I liked it a lot. I thought Christopher would leave the room in the beginning because it is really hectic, but he stayed and said that is how he is in our house sometimes. I really liked all the acting and as much as I love Jennifer Lawerence I didn't think it was oscar worthy.

3.) I let Mia color on a huge piece of paper and instead, she drew on my white microfiber couch with a black crayon. The couch did come clean thank goodness with alocohol and a scrub brush.

4.) The husband has decided that vacation in the fall is too far off; unfortunately, there is no where in hell we are getting anything booked because everyone and their brother is going away in the summer. Germans are like lemmings and so am I.

5.) Today is the first day of Summer vacation and we are having fantastic weather; I already have the baby pool set up on the terrace for Mia and am hoping to get a little tan -- of course, a healthy tan without any burning or skin cancer.

6.) Found some new music that is really good; it's a mixture between folk and country with grown up lyrics. His songs make me want to drive on the open road with the top down on the car and, of course, if you read my other post..... flip people off.
I would love to listen to this album with some great headphones.

7.) Kids got their report card back and it was pretty good -- not great but good.

8.) Every year I get eaten alive by mosquitos and every year my husband makes fun of me but this year they are tearing his ass up and  I love it!  So now it is not just me jumping on the bed at 3 am killing bugs.

9.) Mia is starting to get really crabby and opinonated so that is a pain, but she is also talking a little which is hilarious; she calls everything that is cute to her is a baby ........ even her dad.

10.) Our taxes came back and we are pretty much even. Dammit I was hoping for a big chunk to blow on dumb stuff but I am grateful that we don't have to pay.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mango & cucumber salad

I have this salad that is really good and perfect for summer, but everytime I make it I end up eating it before I take a picture.  So I decided to just post it without the pictures, but I will try to explain it really well.

Mango & Cucumber Salad
Serves 4 

2 Cucumbers
1 Mango
1 red onion
1 large lime
1 pinch sugar
Fresh Cilantro
Black pepper to taste
Sugar to taste

Peel the cucumber and cut lengthwise then scoop out seeds and cut in pieces. They should look like little half moons.
Peel and cut the mango into bite-sized pieces.
Chop the onion and cilantro.
Squeeze the lime.
Mix all the ingredients together and add sugar and pepper to taste.

Winner Winner Chicken dinner

A couple of months ago Enya told me about a project that they were doing in school, where they had to draw a map of the town they live in, showing all the things that would be interesting for kids:  playgrounds, places to go, and what to do while here. I didn't pay much attention, and whenever she told me she was going to her friend's to work on it, I always figured they were just playing. But last week she told me that her class was in the top 7 and I finally paid attention. This morning at 10:30 was the award ceremony -- on a sunday morning -- but we knew we had to go so we dragged our butts out of bed and headed to the park.



As we sat there and listened to the other winners being called, Enya turned around to me and said, "Either we get first place or nothing!"  And holy shit -- out of tons of classes in Germany, Enya's class won!!!  I couldn't believe it; Enya's class won 500Euros that they get to spend on themselves.  (This is the last week of elementary school; she is heading to middle school.)


I gotta say, I am really proud of her for seeing it through. She was so tickled about winning, I really hope this will get her motivated to try harder in other things now that she knows that hard work pays off.