Monday, June 24, 2013

Things my parents taught me

I had a talk with my kids the other day and asked them if I had done anything to them yet for which they thought they would need therapy someday. Their answer was "no", but they could be lying; it did get me thinking about my childhood and what kind of things my parents had taught me.
1)  Always pay yourself first, which means to always save even if it is just a little. ( I am finally doing that.)

2)  Don't stay out of the workforce too long or you will get scared to go back. (Two years will be the longest that I stay home full time.)

3)  Keep up with politics and what is going on around the world. (I try, but I don't always watch all the horrible news because it depresses me.)

4)  Save on clothes but splurge on shoes; you only have one pair of feet. (I do this but occasionally I will buy a cheap pair of hooker shoes to wear just while sitting.)

5)  Be open to different kinds of religions and pick what works best for me no matter what it is.

6)  Reading is important and awesome; it not only educates you, but it gives you an escape from everyday life. (It is an expensive hobby and it did make me think (in my twenties) that all men should be millionaires with huge penises and stamina up the ying yang -- but I still love reading just as much.)

7)  Be generous because what you give will always come back to you no matter if it is a tip for a job well done or spending the money to have something done right because you get what you pay for.

8)  Cheaters never prosper. (Fell of that wagon before.)
9)  Don't spend money you don't have.

10) Always tell the truth no matter how bad it makes you feel, but don't be cruel. (People are surprised a lot of times when I just say what I think with out pussy-footing around.)

Of course, there are a bunch of other ones but they are rude and I don't want hate mail;  lets just say the main rule I have learned from my dad is don't be an asshole and always have a loaded gun. (I don't own a gun because it is not that easy here in Germany and I don't live in the wild west.)
My dad also taught me that Bollibershagnasty is a word, big noses are good for picking and to always keep your feet dry.

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OMG, schreibe ein Buch, du bist so erfrischend! Ich freue mich auf heute Abend! lG

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