Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer is here

I tried to add an Instagram Widget to my blog but it won't work so I guess I will post them to try and show what has been going on here a little. 

 I went to a wedding and wore that this was also the wedding where I decided I would sing in front a crap load of people. I forgot two words and powerd through anyway but then had nightmares for 3 days about it. But I did it!

I posted this goofy ass picture of  myself on facebook of my Glamour shots fiasco that every teen has that grew up in the 90's

Took a boatload of pictures of Mia Nadine of course

Redid my patio from nasty to I love it. I put down outdoor carpet in brown and bought new furniture and for the first time I am excited about sitting outside and since I got the deal of the century I didin't feel guilty about it.

The kids were lazy and I took my 1000 picture on Instagram

I painted Mias toenails for the first time and she loved it, she kept blowing on them

I took Mia to the playground and sat her on the sand where she stayed for and hour just playing and talking to herself

This kid is eating my out of house and home

Went to one of the prettiest winefests in the area at the Wachenheim Castle

Bought Mia a lawnchair that she fell out of the first time she sat in it and then taught herself to stand in it

Bought a new kiddie pool that we all got in and enjoyed today. 

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