Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heidelberg Zoo

I think the weather god is finally feeling sorry for us because we have had an amazing few days weatherwise and I am one happy camper.
Last weekend we decided to take Mia to the Zoo and she really liked it considering the only animal she really cared about was the horses. And the donkeys that look like horses so that doesn't count.
Heidelberg Zoo was built in 1933 and was steadily added to until 1945 when it was almost completely destroyed and most of the Animals were killed. Like most of Germany it was rebuilt by Women and in 1955 with the help of Lotterys they were able to add an elephant house and small monkeys area. The Zoo is amazing and you can tell that everyone that works there love their job

 I have the bad habit of taking tons of pictures of the animals and then not knowing what to do with them when I get home so this times I forced myself  just to take pictures of Mia looking at the animals.

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