Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going Greek

I am little behind with my Girls Night Out posts, but I guess that is the way it is. We tried a Greek restaurant called Dionysos that has been in downtown Mannheim forever and is known for good food, huge portions and a nice atmosphere. When we first sat down, we were served an aperitif, which was nice, but if you are not careful you will be completely plowed by the time you leave because with Greeks, the hospitality is something they are proud of -- at least in Germany they are.
The service was very good and friendly and we got our food so fast that we hadn't even finished our appetizer when they started piling on the dishes.

We all had wine, and I had what the girls like to call grape juice, because I like sweet wine. I drank Kokinelli, which did give me a headache but what the hell.
One of the things that I did not like was that our table was just so damn full that you couldn't move or feel comfortable while eating; you were constantly moving stuff around and I would have appreciated an extra table but that was not offered.
I had goats cheese baked with peppers and onions and a side order of grilled pepperonis smotherd in garlic. Delicious! Two girls ordered liver and onion, which I think is disgusting, but "hey, to each her own";  one orderd the chicken breast in a sauce Bernaise. A moment on the lips and forever on your ass, thats for sure. She was so stuffed that she sat there and stared at us the rest of the night.
This place will not surprise you in anyway or floor you with its flair and originality but the food is good and the service fantastic so if you enjoy Greek cooking then you will definitely find something you like there.
As far as the price goes, it was standard; I think we each paid about 30 euros with food and drink and a tip.
Dionysos has a website that is a little cheesy but tells you everything you need to know; there's even a menu online so you can get an idea of what to order.

Restuaurant Dionysos
68168 Mannheim

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