Monday, June 24, 2013

Things my parents taught me

I had a talk with my kids the other day and asked them if I had done anything to them yet for which they thought they would need therapy someday. Their answer was "no", but they could be lying; it did get me thinking about my childhood and what kind of things my parents had taught me.
1)  Always pay yourself first, which means to always save even if it is just a little. ( I am finally doing that.)

2)  Don't stay out of the workforce too long or you will get scared to go back. (Two years will be the longest that I stay home full time.)

3)  Keep up with politics and what is going on around the world. (I try, but I don't always watch all the horrible news because it depresses me.)

4)  Save on clothes but splurge on shoes; you only have one pair of feet. (I do this but occasionally I will buy a cheap pair of hooker shoes to wear just while sitting.)

5)  Be open to different kinds of religions and pick what works best for me no matter what it is.

6)  Reading is important and awesome; it not only educates you, but it gives you an escape from everyday life. (It is an expensive hobby and it did make me think (in my twenties) that all men should be millionaires with huge penises and stamina up the ying yang -- but I still love reading just as much.)

7)  Be generous because what you give will always come back to you no matter if it is a tip for a job well done or spending the money to have something done right because you get what you pay for.

8)  Cheaters never prosper. (Fell of that wagon before.)
9)  Don't spend money you don't have.

10) Always tell the truth no matter how bad it makes you feel, but don't be cruel. (People are surprised a lot of times when I just say what I think with out pussy-footing around.)

Of course, there are a bunch of other ones but they are rude and I don't want hate mail;  lets just say the main rule I have learned from my dad is don't be an asshole and always have a loaded gun. (I don't own a gun because it is not that easy here in Germany and I don't live in the wild west.)
My dad also taught me that Bollibershagnasty is a word, big noses are good for picking and to always keep your feet dry.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going Greek

I am little behind with my Girls Night Out posts, but I guess that is the way it is. We tried a Greek restaurant called Dionysos that has been in downtown Mannheim forever and is known for good food, huge portions and a nice atmosphere. When we first sat down, we were served an aperitif, which was nice, but if you are not careful you will be completely plowed by the time you leave because with Greeks, the hospitality is something they are proud of -- at least in Germany they are.
The service was very good and friendly and we got our food so fast that we hadn't even finished our appetizer when they started piling on the dishes.

We all had wine, and I had what the girls like to call grape juice, because I like sweet wine. I drank Kokinelli, which did give me a headache but what the hell.
One of the things that I did not like was that our table was just so damn full that you couldn't move or feel comfortable while eating; you were constantly moving stuff around and I would have appreciated an extra table but that was not offered.
I had goats cheese baked with peppers and onions and a side order of grilled pepperonis smotherd in garlic. Delicious! Two girls ordered liver and onion, which I think is disgusting, but "hey, to each her own";  one orderd the chicken breast in a sauce Bernaise. A moment on the lips and forever on your ass, thats for sure. She was so stuffed that she sat there and stared at us the rest of the night.
This place will not surprise you in anyway or floor you with its flair and originality but the food is good and the service fantastic so if you enjoy Greek cooking then you will definitely find something you like there.
As far as the price goes, it was standard; I think we each paid about 30 euros with food and drink and a tip.
Dionysos has a website that is a little cheesy but tells you everything you need to know; there's even a menu online so you can get an idea of what to order.

Restuaurant Dionysos
68168 Mannheim

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer is here

I tried to add an Instagram Widget to my blog but it won't work so I guess I will post them to try and show what has been going on here a little. 

 I went to a wedding and wore that this was also the wedding where I decided I would sing in front a crap load of people. I forgot two words and powerd through anyway but then had nightmares for 3 days about it. But I did it!

I posted this goofy ass picture of  myself on facebook of my Glamour shots fiasco that every teen has that grew up in the 90's

Took a boatload of pictures of Mia Nadine of course

Redid my patio from nasty to I love it. I put down outdoor carpet in brown and bought new furniture and for the first time I am excited about sitting outside and since I got the deal of the century I didin't feel guilty about it.

The kids were lazy and I took my 1000 picture on Instagram

I painted Mias toenails for the first time and she loved it, she kept blowing on them

I took Mia to the playground and sat her on the sand where she stayed for and hour just playing and talking to herself

This kid is eating my out of house and home

Went to one of the prettiest winefests in the area at the Wachenheim Castle

Bought Mia a lawnchair that she fell out of the first time she sat in it and then taught herself to stand in it

Bought a new kiddie pool that we all got in and enjoyed today. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heidelberg Zoo

I think the weather god is finally feeling sorry for us because we have had an amazing few days weatherwise and I am one happy camper.
Last weekend we decided to take Mia to the Zoo and she really liked it considering the only animal she really cared about was the horses. And the donkeys that look like horses so that doesn't count.
Heidelberg Zoo was built in 1933 and was steadily added to until 1945 when it was almost completely destroyed and most of the Animals were killed. Like most of Germany it was rebuilt by Women and in 1955 with the help of Lotterys they were able to add an elephant house and small monkeys area. The Zoo is amazing and you can tell that everyone that works there love their job

 I have the bad habit of taking tons of pictures of the animals and then not knowing what to do with them when I get home so this times I forced myself  just to take pictures of Mia looking at the animals.

I went on vacation and all I got was fins

We have been looking forward to our vacation for a long time especially me that hasn't been away from home for a year. We decided on a big farm with lots of animals for the kids that was in an area of Germany that we have never been to. What I didn't know was that it was known for getting a shit ton of rain and it being colder then all get out. The first day we got there the weather was great and we spent all day outside doing all kinds of fun stuff like riding ponys,riding kettcars, petting animals and barbecuing.
We rented an apartment that was really tiny but enough for the 5 days we spent there.

This was one of the cleanest and most well kept places I have ever been to and I am pretty sure that they have elves working there because I never saw anybodycleaning and everything was spotless.

After the first wonderful day it started to rain like all get out and it got really cold. And of course none of us had a wintercoat because its the end of May.

One day we decided to go swimming and the kids had a blast.

 We even had a rainbow. All in all it was great to get away and we all enjoyed it and that was the plan to get away and have fun.
Landgasthof Schulte-Göbel

The really good pictures that I used in this post were taken by my friend Babette that you have seen here many times on my blog. If you are intrested in haveing her take great pictures of you and your family you can check out her website.