Friday, May 17, 2013


When I was 8 years old my parents moved, and I had to change schools and learn a new language, which in kid terms means the end of the world had arrived.
 It was horrible! All the kids had known each other since kindergarden and didn't really need to make new friends and here I was, not understanding what the hell anyone was saying and completely lost. It sucked bad. Then something happened: I made a friend and after that everything wasn't so sucky and scary anymore; it was fun.  My friend translated everything people said by pointing to it and telling me what it meant in German and she never lost her patience with me. Our friendship lasted for about 20 years but then we went our different ways and that is ok.

I left Germany in 1994 and lived in Canton, Ohio for 6 years, where I met some of the funniest, nicest and down to earth people ever, and thanks to Facebook, we are still in touch (even if it's just to make fun of each other's comments and pictures.) I miss them everyday and often think about our time together. We spent half of the time pulling pranks and driving our boss to drink......the poor guy.

After I came back to Germany, I didn't really make new friends. I still had my oldie but goodie friends who, with the exception of Sharonda(fake name), were still as awesome as before.
When I meet someone I either think you will be my new BFF or I think you are stupid; there is nothing in between, unless you are just an aquaintance then we are good and we can small talk till the cows come home, but you will never be allowed into the inner sanctum of my awesomness. 

When I started fashion school, I met someone new who, very quickly, became a very important person to me, and not just because without her I would have never made it through school, but because she is the hardest working person I know and I learned so much from her it is unbelievable. She is the only person I know who has never thought she couldn't do something; she just does it and doesn't think twice.
A few things I have learned about friends is that you have to nurture your relationships, you have to take time for them even when you just met somebody and you really just want to hang out with him all the time.
It is easier to hang out with friends who have kids if you have kids yourself, because that way you can just take them with you and not feel bad; I am lucky that most of my friends have kids or that they like kids.

As I have gotten older my idea of what a friend should be has changed, and I myself have changed when it comes to how to treat my best buds.
We all have families and people who rely on us at home so if someone can't go out, we don't get mad -- we understand. If we have to get together at someone's house (so we can bring all the kids) to bake christmas cookies, then we do that. 
If someone gets drunk and acts a fool then, of course, that is something that we make fun of but we don't judge. 
My friends encourage me and tell me that I need time for myself; they tell me when I am being stupid or rude just as much as they tell me when I am funny or nice. 
They always take my side even if they secretly think I am being an idiot and, of course, I am always right no matter what.
 My friends make me a better person and I am grateful for them and everytime we get together we get so excited to see each other that we all talk at the same time. 
Friends are the best.

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Julia ♡ i just luv you :D this is awesome and i cant stop watching it and lmao on and on .. thank you so much for beeing you .. beeing my bff and never stop beeing the coolest froot ☆loop in a worl full of cheerios ♡!!!

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