Saturday, April 6, 2013

Signs you have ADD

There is a lot of literature out there that describes living with a kid who has ADD but there is very little information that explains life with an adult who has it, so to show you what my husband goes through on a regular basis and what I have to deal with everyday, I have made a list:
1.  If you have an important appointment that you really, really should not miss -- like divorce court --and you just don't go because you totally forgot, then you might have ADD.

2.  If you have to go somewhere for the first time and you are not sure if you will find it right away and the thought stresses you out for days, then you might have ADD.

3.  If you get lost everywhere you go, even with a navigation system, and you end up driving around in a parking lot for 20 minutes because you swear the effing thing told you to turn in there, then you might have ADD.

4.  If you have a huge to-do list and the thought of doing everything at once makes you so tired you lay down and take a nap instead, then you might have ADD.

5.  If you are extremely creative but you are so messy while creating that it would probably be better to just burn the house down rather than clean it up because you will develop narcolepsy just thinking about cleaning that shit up, then you might have ADD.

6.) You remember all the words to every song you ever heard, the artist and probably what he had for breakfast the morning he wrote the damn song, but you can't remember to not talk while your mouth is full even though your husband has told you for the past seven years that he hates it and is ready to slap you, then you might have ADD.

7.  If you don't need drugs or alcohol to be the life of the party and everybody says they will have what you had because you are running around and making everybody touch your muscles and you think you are hot shit, even though you are stone-cold sober, then you might have ADD.

8.  If you tell your kids to shut up because they are yelling while you are yelling and you don't even notice that you are getting louder and louder, then you might have ADD.

9.  If you buy christmas presents in advance and are so proud of yourself only to not rememeber where you put them come Christmas time, then you might have ADD.

10.  If you pull clothes out of the washer and forget to hang them up for a couple of hours and they dry balled up and there is no way in hell you will ever be able to wear it like that so you have to wash them again, then you might have ADD

11.  If you have a really bad temper that flares intstantly and makes you do stupid things like smash a brand new phone on the ground or beat on a pot till it has a dent only to start crying in the next instant, then you might have ADD or you are insane, whichever you prefer.

12.  If you are fiercly loyal to your friends and remember every talk you ever had with them and are one of the few people who is really honest with them because you don't have the filter that makes lying so much easier, then you might have ADD.
13.  If everything is black or white, you either hate something or love it and you basically have no compromising skills whatsoever, you might have ADD.

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