Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zentrale Mannheim

This week we went to the Zentrale which is in downtown Mannheim and has been around forever it used to be considered a student dive because the plates are big and the food is cheap but good.
If you are looking for Pizza, Pasta and Schnitzel then this is the right place to go or even just go for beer it is known for it's Jever beer fresh from the tap.
The staff has been the same for years and the waitresses are efficient and friendly even if it gets really crazy.
  In the summer it is nice to sit outside and eat or have drinks there but be prepared to watch a bunch of idiots drive by going 100mph which gets to be annoying after a while. Occasionally street musicians will stop and play for a few minutes before moving on to the next outdoor place. And of course you can't miss the rose selling guy that hits every restaurant and Bar in Mannheim every single night. It has been the same guy for over 20 years and he is very friendly and not pushy at all but I still don't buy a rose for myself.

If you are in the area and are in the mood for good food and cold drinks then check it out. 

Gashaus Zentrale
N4 15  68161 Mannheim

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 awesome and not so much

1) Found a new album by Jessie Ware that I love; it's called Devotion

I have been playing it non-stop for 2 days and I am still loving it
I also downloaded the new Justin Timblerlake album and even though I usually love him this album is not my favorite.

2) The weather is warming up, and I have been outside cleaning up the yard and getting ready to plant tomatoes and flowers.

3) I am working hard at getting in shape, and I have seen results with the 30 Day Shred that I never expected. My motivation takes a hike every once in a while and then I have to go look for it -- the little bastard.

4) I bought my first pair of sandals and had a pedicure so I am ready for naked feet and sandals weather.

They look kind of grandma till you have them on

5) I am getting back to blonde, and even though my hair is dryer than a popcorn fart, I am still curling the crap out of it. 
6) Mia is loving the outside but not the grass so much; everytime I put her on it with or without shoes she fusses. I don't know why. But, she likes sidewalk chalk drawing and then licking it off her fingers.
7) I tried a new recipe for Balsamic Chicken and it was very good and easy to make. 
Chicken Breasts with Balsamico
6Chicken boobs
500gr. Mushrooms
2 cloves Garlic
90ml  BalsamicVinegar
250ml chicken stock
20 gr. Butter

Brown the chicken for 3 minutes and add salt & pepper
add the garlic and mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes
 Add liquid, cover and simmer for 10 minutes
Add the butter and stir to thicken up the sauce
Serve over Pasta
It was really good and even the kids liked it.

8) I have been a reading fool lately, but I have not been reading books that would make me smarter, rather books where the main subject is doing it like minks. My newest obsession has been the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward and the Fallen Angels series; I didn't care too much for the Angel series but I loved all 11 books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It's pretty much steamy sex with a little Vampire action thrown in there -- nothing sparkly Edwardian over the blanket touching but raunchy to the core. 

9) It is less than a month till we go on vacation for a week, and I for one cannot wait for a change in scenery. We will be going with friends, who also have kids so everyone will have fun. 
If you can't read German then don't bother trying to read it; it's all in kraut but it has pretty pictures

10) Just some photos to show you everyday life, which is good and crazy.

It seems that I have way more pictures of Mia than I do of the other two but that's because I am home with her all day.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You wanna go where?

Like I have mentioned in posts before, I have a hard time compromising even though it is important and healthy; my inner three year old wants it my way or the highway, which doesn't go over so well with my better half.  But I just think "you knew I was an asshole when you married me."
Every year I have gotten my way when it comes to vacation planning.  We always go to the beach; thats where the kids and I like to go so we can lay out, eat, and cool off in the ocean while we people-watch.

Last year we didn't go on vacation except for a week in Austria, which didn't count because our baby was 2 months old and I was a total wreck the whole time we were there. I guess in a moment of sleep deprived delirium, I told the husband that he could decide where our next vacation could be. What the hell was I thinking??? Of course he is going to screw that up!!! I gave him too much power -- he can't handle it!!!!
So, now I have to spend my precious vacation somewhere in bumfucked cow town on some mountain, picking wildflowers and smelling cow shit the whole time. Because, lo and behold, my husband likes nature.
Why did I marry him again? I knew there was something wrong; he looked to good to be true. Well played, Karma, well played!
I even tried to make a deal by offering one week in the mountains and one week at the beach, but he wouldn't go for it; he just said "NO!!!"  Excuse me? Did I hear "No" come out of your pie-hole? I am not used to such insolence so I tried the silent treatment but that didn't get me anywhere either.
I keep having these visions of me hiking in extreme heat while pushing the stroller uphill both ways with bugs stuck to my face while I am sweating like crazy and the kids are whining because they are thristy because while they forgot their water they did manage to pack thier cellphone in the little teeny tiney backpack.

My imaginary feet hurt just thinking of all the walking he is going to want to do so we can have an adventure. My everyday life is an adventure "You are effing killling me!"
I dont think he has heard of the term 'Happy Wife, Happy Life', even though I drill into his head at least 5 times a week.
But, as the perfect wife that I am, I am going to go on this probably horrible vacation and suffer it in silence and hate very minute of it even if it kills me.
I will treat him like I granted him one wish by going on this vacation and he has to be grateful forever.

Good think my man knows I am full of shit. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You are not a grownup

How did this sweet-faced little boy turn in to a brooding, whiny teenager who complains about anything and everything?
I thought I would be an understanding parent who would know what he is going through and could act appropriately; instead, I find myself wanting to slap the daylights out of him when he starts complaining about how unfair everything is. 
 I want him to meet people who have a lot less and are happy and not ungrateful. 
I want him to understand that, just because you want something it doesn't mean you will get it and you sure as hell won't get it for free. I want him to learn about working hard and feeling like you accomplished something.
I can tell that underneath all the brooding and attitude there still is the well-mannered kid who used to appreciate it when you brought home a bag of chips or a pack of gum or even just spent time with him  watching tv.
Everything is a drama and a travesty of epic proportions.

I keep telling myself that I was the same way and that I felt like nobody understood me either, but it doesn't really help; I still want to rip out my eyebrows when he comes home and tells me how horrible his day was or complains that his hand is sweaty and he can't hold his pencil right. What?? Are you kidding me? That is a reason to get mad? Your hand is sweaty?
A year ago he was still a little kid who didn't like to leave the house and liked staying home with me and going to the grocery store, and now I am lucky to see him at all on the weekends. He eats, sleeps and showers here -- that's is about it.
I told him the other day that I hoped that I had raised him to make good choices and that I was not going to spy on him to make sure that he didn't do something stupid, and then he rewarded me by doing something stupid so I guess that was a useless conversation. 
I guess I will play it by ear and hope that he passes through puberty without me slapping him asleep or him coming  home to me someday and telling me he wants to become a stripper.
I don't want to complain too much about him because I am really proud of him and he is a good kid most of the time.  He is going to do stupid things and act like an ass sometimes; that is his job, after all.
I really hate surprises but with Joshy I am going to have to wait and see what happens when he finally snaps out of his pubescent, moody, annoying funk.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Signs you have ADD

There is a lot of literature out there that describes living with a kid who has ADD but there is very little information that explains life with an adult who has it, so to show you what my husband goes through on a regular basis and what I have to deal with everyday, I have made a list:
1.  If you have an important appointment that you really, really should not miss -- like divorce court --and you just don't go because you totally forgot, then you might have ADD.

2.  If you have to go somewhere for the first time and you are not sure if you will find it right away and the thought stresses you out for days, then you might have ADD.

3.  If you get lost everywhere you go, even with a navigation system, and you end up driving around in a parking lot for 20 minutes because you swear the effing thing told you to turn in there, then you might have ADD.

4.  If you have a huge to-do list and the thought of doing everything at once makes you so tired you lay down and take a nap instead, then you might have ADD.

5.  If you are extremely creative but you are so messy while creating that it would probably be better to just burn the house down rather than clean it up because you will develop narcolepsy just thinking about cleaning that shit up, then you might have ADD.

6.) You remember all the words to every song you ever heard, the artist and probably what he had for breakfast the morning he wrote the damn song, but you can't remember to not talk while your mouth is full even though your husband has told you for the past seven years that he hates it and is ready to slap you, then you might have ADD.

7.  If you don't need drugs or alcohol to be the life of the party and everybody says they will have what you had because you are running around and making everybody touch your muscles and you think you are hot shit, even though you are stone-cold sober, then you might have ADD.

8.  If you tell your kids to shut up because they are yelling while you are yelling and you don't even notice that you are getting louder and louder, then you might have ADD.

9.  If you buy christmas presents in advance and are so proud of yourself only to not rememeber where you put them come Christmas time, then you might have ADD.

10.  If you pull clothes out of the washer and forget to hang them up for a couple of hours and they dry balled up and there is no way in hell you will ever be able to wear it like that so you have to wash them again, then you might have ADD

11.  If you have a really bad temper that flares intstantly and makes you do stupid things like smash a brand new phone on the ground or beat on a pot till it has a dent only to start crying in the next instant, then you might have ADD or you are insane, whichever you prefer.

12.  If you are fiercly loyal to your friends and remember every talk you ever had with them and are one of the few people who is really honest with them because you don't have the filter that makes lying so much easier, then you might have ADD.
13.  If everything is black or white, you either hate something or love it and you basically have no compromising skills whatsoever, you might have ADD.

ADD Song


Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday at the park

 We spent the day at the park with a very goofy enya and a very bored Mia





As you can see enya had fun and Mia was bored. I don't know why but that look stayed all day even  when we went for Ice cream

Mia just loves enya to pieces and when Enya walks hand in hand with her she feels like a million bucks 
Kind of reminds me of another little girl that was crazy about her brother Joshua
Joshua & Enya 2006