Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mia the destroyer

My little angel Mia has taken it upon herself to break my ipad. Right after it happened it reminded me of that Skit from Jeff Foxworthy where his mother complained that it was impossible to have nice things. Jeff and his Brother had just broken the sacred Elvis Jack Daniels decanter.
While this was nothing quite as redneck my ipad was a gift and I was really upset when it didn't work. I immediately got the shakes like a junkie when I thought of how much I depended on that thing and what I would do without it.
As far as I can tell I will be able to get it fixed which I am going to do for sure but last night as I was lying in bed having to fall asleep without reading my new book that I had just bought for the Ipad I thought of things that I could do now that I don't have my beloved Ipad.
 1.) Discover a country. ( Probably not going to do that it's to cold outside)

2.) Clean ( Probably will do that for a while till I hate it)

3.) Finally rearrange Enya's room she has been begging me to do that for a while ( that means declutter till the cows come home)

4.)Getting some sewing done now that I can't spend every free moment on the web.  (Yes I still have a little laptop but I can't play any games on it so that will save loads of time.)

5.) Reading the Newspaper again ( usually just read people online and scan the paper for important stuff)

6.) Write more on the Blog ( used to have blogger on the Ipad but it didn't work right)

7.) I started to write down my recipes on cards because looking them up on the Ipad was a pain maybe I will finish that now

8.) I bought the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred but have only doen it once because I peed myself the whole time but maybe I will start that again.

9.) Go outside once it's not colder then all get out. Like today.

10.) Do crack


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Anonymous said...

So süß wie sie ist, kann man ihr ja irgendwie nicht böse sein....und es gibt zum Glück noch ein schönes , wertvolles Leben ausserhalb Www. Sunny kisses to you

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