Monday, March 11, 2013

Chocolate covered Pretzels

I love chocolate covered anything, but I really love pretzels coated in dark chocolate because it makes me happy to stuff my face like a hog, and at the same time I tell myself that dark chocolate doesn't have as many calories.
There are all kinds of recipes on the internet but they pretty much all want you to add shortening;  I think that is gross so I make it with just chocolate.
A lot of recipes tell you to melt your chocolate in the microwave, but I prefer to melt it in a double broiler; there is nothing worse than burnt chocolate!
I use a small pot in a big pot.  Make sure the water doesn't boil too much because you do not want water in the chocolate.

Keep stirring and take it slow.

I just poured the pretzels in the chocolate and pulled them out with a toothpick. I then put them on a cookie sheet with non stick paper until the chocolate was dry.
You could add white chocolate or sprinkles or just keep them plain, the way I like them.


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