Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What no one ever talks about

Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns -- that is what having a baby is like...... said no one.... ever!!! Does anybody talk about what happens after you have the bundles of joy?
I don't know about you, but I don't really enjoy peeing my pants just because I have to cough, sneeze or pick something up that weighs more than a grapefruit. When I realized that I was incontinent at 37, after having 3 babies that ripped me from front to back, I searched the internet for women who had the same problem as I did and found nothing.
Does anybody talk about this problem?
Do all the women just pee their pants in silence? You can find all kinds of articles about STD but nothing about this.
I guess it is less embarrassing to admit you are a whore than a sneeze Pee-er.
When I finally decided to do something about it, I even had to talk my Dr. into taking me seriously; he thought I was just too lazy to do the fricken exercises. Well, guess what Mr. Know-it-all...my muscles are awesome and you suck!
There are several options and most of them are without surgery but unfortunately, in my case, that is not going to happen.
The consultation is really, really embarrassing and I will not even go into detail here; I will just say there is a probe up your butt, and as Charlotte said so eloquently in Sex and the City, "Nobody wants to be the up the butt girl."
But when it's all over, I can get back to this:
I can exercise and get ripped, which I probably won't do but I could if I wanted to.

I am breaking the silence on this subject by saying it is not anything to be ashamed of; just because you have bladder issues does not mean you have to hide; just get the stuff taken care of.  Nobody wants to sit next to someone who has a diaper on so thick it sounds like you are walking through snow when you move.


Sandy said...

I can't believe you held back on the details -- you told us everything else! I laughed so hard at your videos......good job and thanks for sharing!

nicole said...

You are so awesome .. thank you for beeing my Sauna Schwester Julia

Anonymous said...

Taffy baffy Julia! I am proud of you! Respect ! We will fight the sneezy- pee! Candy kisses to you , Saunaschwester

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