Friday, February 8, 2013

Ten awesome and not so much

1.) "Last Resort" and "Emily Owens, MD" have been cancelled and just had the series finale.  I think that just sucks ass.  I really liked both shows and especially liked Mamie Gummer in Emily Owens.  It was such a nice show that didn't leave me on the couch with the ugly cry like Greys Anatomy does. And Last Resort? Tons of guys in uniform blowing stuff up? Nothing bad about that.

2.) I discoverd a new singer that I really like -- Jeremy Jordan. I first saw him in "Smash" but he is big in musicals; he was even nominated for a Tony for his role in "Newsies."  Great voice.

3.) My diet is going pretty good and I don't even miss the noodles and potatos for dinner. I do think that I need to add exercise to the diet or I will be skinny but a flabbyass.

4.) Feburary is a sucky month as far as weather goes. It is raining and snowing and freezing and I am starting to get sick of it. I need frickin Spring like nobody's business. The good thing is this month is Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras. 

5.) Mia has realized how funny she is and now she is playing it up for us, acting like a little ham. The downside is she is being a brat about eating and taking everything out of her mouth and looking at it before she eats, it which makes a huge mess. 



Mia is walking a little bit and getting in to everything

7.) This weekend is all about Wellness Saturday; my Hair Wizard is coming over to beautify my wierd ass hair that is still all kinds of messed up.
I went from this:

to this . . . . 

to this . . . .

to this . . . .

Sunday will be spent all day in the Sauna with Massages and Peelings. I am so ready.

8.) We have booked our vacation for the end of May and I can't wait! I am so ready for vacation, it's pathetic

9.) There are some really good movies to rent right now through I-tunes that I can't wait to see:
1.) The Perks of being a Wallflower
2.) Celeste & Jesse forever
soon to come
3,) Zero Dark Thirty
4,) Silver Linings Playbook
5,) Rise of the Guardians

10.) The mood I am in right now, I couldn't sew or craft myself out of a paperbag.  I lost my mojo and I can't seem to find the damn thing.

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