Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Butterflies and little girls

As every normal human being knows, New Year's resolutions are here to break and make you feel ilke a total failure....and that is as it should be!  What the hell else would we bitch about when everything else is great? This year I did not make resolutions that I knew I would break; I made goals that I wanted to meet and projects that I wanted  make. So far I have gotten more done this month than I did in the last 3 months, so I feel good about my progress. One of the things that I wanted to do was make Mia's room a little friendlier because I am all about keeping it simple. My mind is so chaotic that it doesn't take much to make me nervous when there is a lot of stuff sitting around that needs to be dusted. I tend to not have anything out. The pictures in the bathroom are the only ones of the family in the whole house; this year I want to change that, and I started with Mia Monster.

 I ordered a wooden frame that she could hang her little jackets on and a mirror she can lick because Mia is the resident licker and biter in the family.  90% of the time, when we think she wants to give us a kiss, she ends up biting us and with 8 teeth it's not funny anymore. But enough of Mia--here is what I did:
First I sanded everything then I painted it a light pink and decopaged it with napkins. 
Wow, that was easy!

 Judging by the lighting, I think you can tell I do everything at night.

I love butterflies, can you tell? I looked around until I found this really cute light that looks like a picture and has butterflies all over it.  When it got here, I hated the light, I just can't get used to the cold LED lights that are supposed to be so damn good for the environment. It just isn't cozy.
 See what I mean?
 So, I painted over the little lights with nail polish and now it is better....but not great. 
Painting over the lights is no problem as LED does not get hot like regular lights. 

Breakdown of the cost:

  • Picture: 40 Euro
  • Mirror: 4,95 
  • Coat rack : 3,95
  • Paint: 2,95     
  • Nailpolish: free  
  • Napkins: 2,20 
 I am not done but I am getting there.  I just takes time to find the perfect little things that I won't mind dusting.

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