Thursday, January 31, 2013

Apple Water

So, even though I haven't posted in two weeks that doesn't mean that I sat around and did nothing.  I actually did quite a few things but since my instagram feed doesn't show up on my blog anymore, you can't really tell.
One of the things that I have been working on is watching what I eat and as far as I can tell, drinking enough water is the key.  But guess what -- I don't like water unless I totally wake up in the middle of the night parched from the pepperoni pizza I ate for dinner.
I searched Pinterest, of course, for ways to make water appealing and I came across a recipe that looked great and is supposed to be metabolism boosting.  Can I get a "hell yeah?!"
I had everything at home so I made it right away and got all excited about drinking my delicious water that was gonna melt the fat of my gut and give me perfect skin and make me rich.... I know, not true....

So here you go

This recipe had a ton of great reviews but after letting it marinate all damn night it still tasted like something the fish f*** in.
I did not care for it at all and even my kids who have pressed out tangerines and made tea out of it didn't like it. The apples left no taste and the cinnamon stick made it taste off.
I will not make it again but I am still on the quest to find a water I can tolerate and that will make my gut disapear.

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