Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten awesome and not so much

1,) I saw Breaking Dawn with my Girls and it was great I have to say the best part yet. The downside was I drank to much and had a headache the next day that wouldn't go away.

 2.)It is my favorite time of the year and I know what everybody is getting so I am not stressed about gifts at all. The downside is that because of our remodeling going on I have not put up a tree which is driving me crazy. I am listening to Christmas Music without any decorations whatsoever it's so weird.

3.) Tomorrow the kitchen will be done and normalcy will return again I hope. I will post pictures of the before and after tomorrow. No downside there I am glad it is done and it looks really nice.

 4.) I have been really tired lately and I was afraid that it was a case of Depression because of the gray weather we are having but then I started taking a multi vitamin seeing as I have a bad habit of having really low iron and now I am fit as a fiddle. ( did I just say fit as a fiddle? dork) The downside is they have Niacin in them and that gives me hot flashes.

 5.) This weekend we are baking Christmas Cookies with Friends and Kids it is so much fun and everybody splits up the cookies so you have different ones then you would usually bake and in the utter chaos that usually resides during this extravaganza we laugh our asses off and fun is had by all. No downside there whatsoever

 6.) We did not get accepted to the Basar that we wanted to go to unfortunately but we are on the waiting list. The upside is that I will be selling stuff on my blog and I won't have to stress myself out getting stuff done.

 7.) I love the new Maroon 5 album it totally got my ass moving when I had to paint Mia's room after listening to it twice I was done.

 8.) I don't have as much space in the kitchen anymore so I purged and really got rid of a lot of stuff I just never used but was afraid to get rid of because I might need it someday. The downside is that now I threw it away I will probably need it.

 9.) I am still losing hair like crazy I mean it is coming out in wads I can't wait till it stops because I am clogging up the drain like nobodys business.

 10.) I have been eating coldcuts for over a week now but tomorrow I will be able to cook again and I  can't wait.

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