Monday, December 10, 2012

Kitchen Re-do

I have been wanting to post my kitchen re-do for a couple of days, but I can't seem to get any pictures of my clean kitchen when it is light out. My kitchen is clean real early in the morning and late at night but during the day, that is not happening; I am either cooking or the kids just came home and exploded all over the place with school stuff, shoes, jackets, ipods, etc. . . . .  The pictures are dark but you can see the difference and that is what matters. My in-laws found a new apartment and offered to give us their old kitchen because they have one in the new place.  Because we did not like our kitchen, we went for it! The kitchen / hallway floor was really old and we had been thinking of replacing it for a while. We never got around to it, which is sad to say; we have been living here for 6 years and have done nothing except paint the place.

This is how it all started. I cleaned out the Buffet (or whatever you call this thing) and moved it to the living room.  It was going pretty well at this point because I was ahead of the game and had made the decision to get rid of a lot of stuff. 


This was as we were moving the furniture out and getting ready to rip out the floor.


This is where we ate for the next week and a half.   It got old real fast.

I painted over this wall 3 times and it still would not get white.  It didn't really matter because the kitchen cabinets would cover it, but still..... it is just so nasty. 






crappy Iphone pic

I am glad that it's done and it looks nice. There are still a few things that need to be done, like the tiles; they will be covered up by glass but that won't be till early next year. I have to glue the drawer back on; it fell off yesterday, but that is no big deal.
I did realize that good help is hard to find and that when you don't know how to do certain things, you are at the mercy of the person you hired.  You are paying to get the job done, but it might not get done in your time frame or as neatly as you wanted.


The Tree is up and we can relax till Christmas.

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Dana Harrington said...

The kitchen looks great!! but more so I LOVE the name of your blog!!

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