Saturday, December 29, 2012

BMX and Boys

Joshua has been hounding me to finally go with him and watch him ride his BMX and show me his tricks. He is so proud of how good he has gotten and how much he has learned since his Grandma bought him his Felt Fuse 2012. Now that he also has a GoPro he is just crazy excited.

The GoPro is ready to go

Look at that goofy grin


A boy and his bike

Twenty inch is Joshua's favorite store for bike parts.

I was the only Mom there and I had to keep dodging bikes because I wanted to take his picture so they are mostly far away when he is riding.


The only thing Joshua said when he looked at this pictures was "Look at my eyebrows!"

   A Tree hanging full of busted tires.
I had fun and will be going again if he will let me.

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