Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As Time goes by

Don't ask me what happened to month 5 I don't know it's probably on the phone that I murdered last month. Mia is growing like a weed and being a little monster most of the time but we love her just the same I guess. I seem to have forgotten what Joshua was like as a baby but after watching Mia for a while I realize that her and Josh are the same. He is crazy about her and he should be seeing as she is his little clone. He is the only one she gives kisses to without begging, the only one she gets to sit at the computer with and push all the buttons and so on and on. Only two more months to go and she will be a toddler and not a baby anymore which is one year closer to going to Kindergarden which I think she should go to at two because she loves to be around kids and have action and I can't give her that without going insane myself. I say and a lot. Hey ADD whatup? So I will be posting the Kitchen redo today or tomorrow depending on how fast I get the pictures edited and I will also be posting my favorite Christmas cookies recipe this week.




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