Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

This year is almost over and it has been a doozy come to think of it though every year has had lots of ups and downs I guess that is life. 

January: My sister visited from New Mexico and had her first Birthday in Germany in a long time.


I still looked like this

 Feburary: Mia was born on 02.02.2012 at 5am

 March:  Getting used to having a baby around. Mia was not easy the first couple of months

April: Trip to Austria

 May: Enya went to the amusement park


I had the hair disaster of epic proportions.

 June: Mom's Birthday she turned 66. 

  July: Had my One year Anniversary

August: Enya turned 9 this year.

 Joshua started a new school this year after being bullied for two years in his other school we finally decided to just take him out. 

  September: I had a 80's theme Birthday party. 

Joshua turned 14


sold some stuff at the fleamarket


October: Went to a Halloween party


Had water damage in Mia's room that ended up in us having to have the shower ripped out and the walls redone. 

December: We had our kitchen redone and put in new floors

Had my first Photoshoot


All in all a very fun year I can't wait to see what the next one brings

Come on 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012

BMX and Boys

Joshua has been hounding me to finally go with him and watch him ride his BMX and show me his tricks. He is so proud of how good he has gotten and how much he has learned since his Grandma bought him his Felt Fuse 2012. Now that he also has a GoPro he is just crazy excited.

The GoPro is ready to go

Look at that goofy grin


A boy and his bike

Twenty inch is Joshua's favorite store for bike parts.

I was the only Mom there and I had to keep dodging bikes because I wanted to take his picture so they are mostly far away when he is riding.


The only thing Joshua said when he looked at this pictures was "Look at my eyebrows!"

   A Tree hanging full of busted tires.
I had fun and will be going again if he will let me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Every year at Christmas I take a ton of pictures and every once in a while I look through them and realize that I take the same damn pictures every year and they are still boring.
1305 pictures of the kids ripping open presents... 2100 of the mess afterwards.... 320 pictures of someone doing dishes,picking up trash or putting away food.
 Well no more I told myself this year I will not do that again!! Well actually I didn't tell myself that I just realized the next day that I didn't take any pictures. But it was a very relaxing Christmas with good but easy to make food so there was no standing around in the kitchen. ( except for my Mom that made the potato salad ahead of time) We skyped with the family and sat around and talked all evening which was a nice change. We really scaled down the gifts this year but what we got was nice and something we really wanted like my little Ixus Digicam which is going to make blooging a lot easier now. 

 I did take a few pictures though.

 The aftermath of opening gifts. The kids took their stash upstairs to try out everything and Mia is in Bed. Joshua got a GoPro from Grandma and had to document everything for Facebook.

He was as happy as a clam with his camera I am sure that now we will be seeing a lot of videos of Joshua biting it.

Can you tell we have a baby that still doesn't sleep through the night?

Trying out the new camera. You can't even tell how crappy my hair color is in this picture. 

Christmas morning Mia is trying out her car the best part about it is honking the horn.

The rest is my Instagram Pics from the last week

Joshua being suave

 Flu Baby


 Christmas Card from Uncle John 

Grandma & Grandpa Christmas Card

 Mia got one too

Mia got in to the Chocolate

Christmas Shopping without the Kids 

And because she is so damn cute some Baby goodness.