Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten Awesome (and Not-So-Awesome) Things

1.) This past Saturday was my 1 year Anniversary. We went to dinner; it was good and we talked about the kids all night, which is the usual for us. I wore heels and looked like a grownup. The downside? None really; it was nice and "not fussy", meaning we didn't buy anything for each other.

2.) My friend Babette is in a hip hop group, and she danced at a sports festival we had this weekend. It was great, and we as a group ( the gossip girls) decided to join because it looks like fun and is great exercise. The downside? I realized as I was trying to push the stroller through tons of people (and was getting really shitty with some of them for touching it),that I do not do well in crowds. They make me mad, and I feel really uncomfortable when there are a lot of people around me and I can't control it. I don't know if it's a phobia but it has gotten worse as I have gotten older.

 3.) I tried a new pattern for a bag and it turned out really cute! I didn't have to rip it open five times and resew it. No downside here.

 4.)I have been having trouble getting Mia to sleep through the night; she wakes up between 2-4 times a night and screams her little head off. Last night I started a new ritual and I hope it works. I feed her oatmeal, then give her a bath, then swaddle her, and then give her a bottle. She was comatose for about 6 hours, which meant she was awake at midnight, 4:30am and 7am. A little better but not yet good enough..

 5.) We are not going on vacation because we want to save for a big vacation to the states next year. Instead, we decided to see a little bit of Germany. Our stops are going to be:
Europa Park
Shopping in Cologne

We have to take little trips so we can take Mia, which means I will be pushing her around while everybody else is doing stuff, but that's what I signed up for as a Mom. I have spent a lot of time watching my kids nap, that's for sure.

6.)  Our weather here is the total pits. It rains then it's cold, then it gets hot, then it rains and so on and so on.
You can't plan anything because there is a 70% chance you will get rained out. There is no upside to this.

7.) I just read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and my opinion is:
The first book is really good and fast paced. There is always something going on aside from the great sex scenes. I usually skip over those when I read romance novels because it annoys me that the the woman is always a virgin and proceeds to have  the best sex of her life the first time. In the real world, the first sex is awkward and usually stupid. In this book the scenes are really well written and fun to read, and I really got into the male character and wanting to know what makes him tick.
The second book was still good, going into a little more detail about what makes Christian Grey the way he is and, once again, the sex scenes were great. I wouldn't have minded learning a bit more about the security people; they were kind of left out.
And then came the third book: it was boring. It was like a Harlequin Romance novel with raunchy sex. The one thing it had going for it was that there weren't stupid names for the sex acts.
All in all, I liked the series and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like they are doing something dirty when all you are doing is reading a book.
PS: yes I said sex a lot.....there I did it again.

8.) I found a new show that I like: Bunheads. Check it out.

9.) I love my Crockpot. It is so easy to use and everything tastes so good in it. I have been cooking in it for a long time and only had one thing not turn out: Lasagna.  It was nasty because the noodles got all mushy. Other than that  -- perfect.

10.) The kids are outside a lot and don't come home till evening or to eat and drink. There is no downside to that.

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