Monday, June 25, 2012

Tie Dye Jeans

I started out with a cheap pair of jeans from H&M because I wanted to try tie dye and I was afraid to ruin a good pair of jeans but this was so easy.

I just wrapped the rubberbands all over the pants without thought. I used about 3 cups of bleach and a bucket of warm water and left them in for about an hour while turning them every 15 min.
I took the rubber bands off while I had the jeans in the bucket and just tossed them in the washer to rinse,let them dry over night and then shortened them. I used a razor blade to shred them a little but sewed a piece of jeans fabric underneath and zig zagged it so it would look a little used.

This angle is weird makes me look like my legs are only 10 inches but at least you can see the pants.
A little better.
I really like how they turned out so go ahead and try it. I dare ya
PS: Stop staring at my muffin top I am going to start working on it soon. 

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Anonymous said...

ThX Honey !! WErde ich auf jeden Fall bald mal ausprobieren! und es auf meinem Blog teilen!!! xoxo

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