Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ten awesome things

1,) The chickenpox in my house are over and everyone is still alive. That was rough but now everybody has had them and life can go on.

2.) Mia has a new pool and as cool as it is I will have to squeeze my fathead underneath that mushroom.

3.) Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and today I bought them for myself.

4.) After ruining my hair from bleaching the hell out of it I have finally gone back to my own color and while it did depress me for 2 days I am finally getting used to it and I am happy that I don't have to dye my roots every 4 weeks.

5.) Mia has new shades.

6.) My hydrangeas are so pretty

7.) Ritz crackers with pineapple cream cheese.

8.) Joshua got his report card and I was pretty happy with it. B average is ok.

9.) Baby Shoes are the greatest

10.) Yipee!


Babette said...


nicole said...

1. where is my chicken left :P

2. whhhhheyyyyyuuuummmmm what a mushroom i love it ... i´l gonna back my swimsuit and be there in a miute k

3. do*it*your*self*and*youré*happy :) flowers

4. you look so pretty and i love that natural colour o you ... fits you perfectly

5. yesss Mia needs definately sunglasses .. awesome ...hahaha such a cutie

6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh pretty in pink i like :)

7. nomnom and yumyum

8. great job Joshuah ;)

9. omg so cool ... wanna be a baby just for these shoes again LOL


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