Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten awesome and the not so much

1.) I made €100 at the Flea market this weekend the downside was that I burned my face so bad that I am now peeling.

2.) I went and seen Snow White and the Huntsmen and it was awesome. Great Movie with gorgeous costumes and beautiful music. I really enjoyed it but it is not a kids movie. The downside was that I ate my body weight in nachos,popcorn and coke and no it wasn't diet. 

3.) Mozzarella and Tomatoes with Balsamic vinegar no downside there.

4.)  My Nephew got married. Shout out to the Pachecos  WooHoo! The downside I feel older then dirt.

5.) The Germans lost to the Italians. The upside is that it is nice and quiet in my neighborhood again no downside there I couldn't give a crap less.

6.) Mia knows how to growl now. The downside is that I constantly think she is pooping because it is about the same sound so I keep checking.

7.) Getting ready to plow in to some Cheeseburgers at 11pm. Downside is that I am a fat ass who soon not even the aliens would want to abduct.

8.) Taking Naps with Mia who stares at me till I wake up.

9.) Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids. The downside is that they will probably drive me crazy.

10.) Naked Pallet from Urban Decay.

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