Monday, June 18, 2012

Shabby Chandelier

I found this awesome chandelier a couple of months ago and just knew I had to make it.
Nifty Thrifty Things has a beautiful Blog with great tutorials.

You will need:

5 Wire Hangers
Wire to tie them together
Strips of Fabric
5 Candle holders ( I used Baby food jars)
Rubber bands
Spray paint

Bend the Hangers until they are round

Tie them together with Wire with the hanging part looking up so that later when you hang it they will be hooks. I ripped my fabric to give it the shabby look and you will need quite a few strips to fill it. The just wrap them around and tie a knot.
I made the candle holder with glitter paint by wrapping rubber bands around the glasses and spraying it with two coats.
When the paint has dried make sure that you snap the rubber bands before you take them off that way it will come clean off instead of dragging the paint.

I hung them at different lengths because I didn't want them to look like little soldiers

Here is the final result



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