Sunday, June 17, 2012

Instagram Sunday

Sundays are great wether we are laying around in our pj's all day or visitng friends. Today we visited my friend Kira & David and it ended up a pretty productive day. She just moved in to a very old house and we are trying to fix up the outside so she has an area to sit.

I got to go through this big tent that they have with tons of Junk but there were a few treasures and of course I took them home.
Which did not sit well with the Husband who thinks I am a borderline Hoarder.

Score!!! Would you have passed this up? I didn't think so.

They have baby rabbits so you know Enya was happy but Mia just stared at it till it went away.

Mia took a power nap on the floor while we were working outside

Didn't last long till she was ready to be entertained from Joshua who was trying to play a game.

I finished a project tonight that I will post tomorrow but for now it is time to watch the European Championship in soccer. The Germans are playing against Denmark and it ain't looking good.

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