Saturday, June 16, 2012

I thought I'd make a wreath

I knew I needed something for my door but I couldn't figure out what I wanted and I needed to use up some fabric that I had laying around so I used three Shoe box lids and a blanket from Ikea for 3,99 and muslin that was 2 euros a meter.
Cut out the shape you want and maybe try to be a little more exact then me but you won't be able to tell once the roses are on. I wrapped a piece of scrap fabric around the cardboard to hide the gray color.
I made a bunch of roses two different sizes Using a Cd and a candle holder as a pattern.
I split them up amongst the tree pieces of cardboard and started gluing. I made sure that the corners had the same amount of big flowers but after a while I just filled in the holes.
I used green ribbon to hang it on the door but I also used fishing line to connect the three pieces so it would be a little more sturdy.
It turned out nice and I can change the ribbon and keep it up longer if I stay lazy.


Anonymous said...

Love it! And you, of course....:-)

Anonymous said...

Coool ! LOVE it ;-) Cant wait to see it in live ;-)

nicole said...

so pretty ... i like :)

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