Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby sleepingbag

It is getting really hot here and the Germans don't do air conditioning because we are tough and stupid and it would make me poor if I had to pay the electricity.
So we have fans and open windows with mosquito's and flies and the breeze and the see where I am going with this? You take the good with the bad.
The problem with this is it is too warm to swaddle poor Mia so we cover her up but at night she kicks her legs and loses the blanket then she gets cold and wakes up in the middle of the night which in turn means she wants a bottle and we are awake for an hour. So I decided to make her a little sleeping bag for her lower body and voila the little mouse slept through the night again.
I used one of Enya's old pillowcases made of cotton knit so this project cost me nothing.
I eyeballed it around the waist but I put in 45cm of elastic. I rounded out the hip area with a French curve but you could just draw that freehand.
Unfortunately the pictures I took of the process are gone, lucky me but I basically took the pillowcase and cut 10cm out of each side and rounded it out a little then used the serger to close the seam. Fold over the open part of the pillowcase and put my elastic in.
She slept like a dream.
I can still swaddle her arms And she can kick her legs as much as she wants. 

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