Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love coral

Coral is definitly my to go color this Spring/Summer I absolutely adore it. I also bought the matching lipstick that is awesome. i decided to go for coral instead of red because this color makes my teeth look white and since I won't be tanning this year or ever again it still looks good on lighter skin.
Look at my awesome new ring I love it.
I bought this because I have been seeing it everywhere and it looks like a fun thing to try. I will post the results.
I have been having problems with my skin being so dry so I am going tomtry out this new serum and cream and see how it goes. I love smell and it did leave my face smooth and not dry at all but I need to give it a couple of days to make sure.

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Anonymous said...

Der Ring, Der Ring, Der Ring, Der Ring, Der Ring..must have the ring..;-) It was a funny day with you and these glasses are "the BURNER" on you

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