Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Climb every mountain

Today we walked around Salzburg for close to 6 hours. It was wonderful

After all that snow yesterday this what we woke up to this morning.

Mia could have cared less but she slept all night and woke up happy so we were all very chipper this morning

Salzburg has a lot of History with buildings that date back to the 1300. And of course everything is about Mozart.

The smallest house in Salzburg

Lots of shops

Love this Flowershop even though all the flowers were silk.

Little Mozart Rubber duckies

Mia has her own Store


This store had hundreds of thousands of painted eggs for every season

We went to lunch at a place that found an underground tunnel while renovating. It was used as a dumping ground for the trash that the rich people didn't want. The found dishes down there that were 400 years old. They kept the well and covered it up so you could see how far down it went.

This cow was covered in hundreds of buttons

We had coffee and cake at the Mozart cafe

Even Mia had fun

Great day

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