Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pimp my Chucks

This Weekend Enya and I took a little trip to H&M and bought some plain Jane Chucks to pimp and.anybody that knows us can probably tell where this is going. Glitter Baby!!!!
We love Glitter and anything sparkly....
So after we left H&M we ran over to the craft store and picked out some silver iridescent glitter and some glue to bedazzle the crap out of these shoes. And bedazzle we did.....

Of course as I was putting swirls and stuff on them I messed up, but with glitter it is hard to really ruin it. I just told Enya I meant to do that and she believed kid.
All you need is glitter,glue, and a pair of boring shoes.
She loves them and all the other little girls are mission accomplished.

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